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  "Screaming Eagle"  Klamath Basin, CA

    Northern Harriers Fighting for Prey     (iced over) Tule Lake, CA

  "The Sentinel",  Bald Eagle   Klamath Basin, CA


     American Avocet
Mono Lake, CA 

Bald Eagle in Flight, Blur, Klamath Basin, CA

        Red Eyed Tree Frog, Costa Rica

 Redtail Hawk Chicks in Nest,  

 Klamath Basin, CA

Wood Duck

Sonoma County, CA

  Snake,  Costa Rica

 Im. Bald Eagle LandingKlamath Basin, CA

  Cinnamon Teal M/F,  Sacto NWR, CA

 Northern Pygmy-Owl, Klamath Basin, CA

  Great Horned Owl,  Sacto NWR, CA


  Marmot,  Yosemite, CA

  Flicker,  Eastern Sierra, CA


  Tundra Swans In Flight,  Klamath Basin, CA "Photograph of the Year" Outdoor California Magazine