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Mono Lake Landscapes: Past and Present 

Mono Lake Committee Gallery, July 1997- February 1998

After just walking the South Tufa trail at sunset trying to capture the light on the grasses and sunset behind the towers, I am swearing at your MARVELOUS prints! L.A., Lompoc, CA.

You have truly put the activity of photography into the sphere of art. Magnificent! D.J., Sheffield, UK.

Le Film set ries bien fair et nous fair decouvur le maystevieux paysage de la region. Les photos sont merveilleuoes ausor! X.F., Sannois, France

I think we have seen moments when light, color and form combine into exquisite sights. But for one person to catch so many on film is truly amazing. R.C., Reno, NV.

Good sense of balance, weight, and excellent use of analogous color harmony. B.G., Chicago, IL.

Really amazing!!! Render the true weirdness of the place! N.G., Geneva, Switzerland

Brilliant photography of a spectacular place.  J.M., Gloucester, England

Absolutely beautiful - a faithful representation of the many moods of Mono. Wish I could get them all.  A.G., Pamona, CA.

Not bad for a local boy!  R.H., Forestville, CA.