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John Haley      

     John Haley by Don Jackson 9-99

John is a great nature photographer, ardent explorer and a diversely interesting fellow.  He and Don Jackson have photographed together on a regular basis over the years in many locations across the west, especially Mono Lake, southern Utah, and the Sonoma Coast. 

John photographs with a Fuji 680 system (6 x 8 cm) and has honed his eye and mind to the creation of wonderful, unusual images ("God is in the details"), inspired by "the beauty of incidentals" and the images of Elliot Porter, Ernst Haas, Roselyn Purcell and Freeman Patterson.  His large, limited-edition fine-art Cibachrome / Ilfochrome prints are in private and corporate collections throughout the US and in 30 countries. John is currently represented by Carlton Gallery in Ojai, CA and was the founder of the Center Street Gallery, Kanab, UT and The Photography Gallery in Santa Rosa, CA. He has shown with John Sexton, Galen Rowell and others. His images have also appeared in Outdoor Photographer magazine. If you get the opportunity to spend some time photographing or hanging around the campfire with John I'm sure it will be a memorable experience. His sense of art and design are spectacular and will "jump start" you into creating better images. John now resides in Forestville, California, just down the street from Don Jackson.

                           Don Hilliker                            

    Don Hilliker Mug Shot    North Rim Grand Canyon (c) Don Hilliker

Don is a serious photographer with a life long love of the western landscape.  His passion for the art of photography coupled with a sound understanding of the technical issues and craftsmanship has brought him to his current chosen roll with Kyocera Optics, Inc. Living in Northern California functioning as technical sales representative for YASHICA and CONTAX camera systems. Don will join us for this series of workshops allowing everyone an opportunity to not only tryout some of the finely crafted CONTAX camera equipment, including the NEW CONTAX 645 medium format system, but most importantly, Don would like to share with all his passion for "SEEING THRU THE TREES"