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Turns out that the same printers that we use for printing state of the art photographs are superbly suited for printing the highest quality banners!  No more sign-shop limitations like which color of vinyl letters for your banners, we can print full photographic color imagery and lettering on a wide variety of materials, including:

  • 100% recycled (and recyclable) polypropylene               

  • 100% cotton                                                                                            

  • Cotton - Poly blend Canvas                                                         

  • Satin Fabric (which glows beautifully when backlit)

  • Tyvek                                 

To learn more about banners and signage please check out our new website at www.greenbanners.com

Each of these materials is specially designed and coated to work with out printers, and we can print up to 60 inches (5 feet!) by up to 59 feet!

Plus, our banners have a cleaner appearance as we predominately use self-adhesive non-metal grommets. These are three times stronger than metal grommets, and come in white or clear, so if you have a full coverage (colored) banner, the clear corners will not cover up your graphics. 

Each banner is printed using the longest lasting pigment ink (compared to quick fading dye inks). While for now we have no answers to "how long will it last" as there are so many variables (environment, sun, water, moisture, UV, rain exposure, etc) we do know that the inks are archival and have been proven to last for decades in a fine art environment. Also, we can coat your banner with an eco-friendly UV inhibitor and sealer that will enhance the life of the banner even further. Highly recommended for areas of high humidity, salt spray, intense sun exposure, etc.

We have already printed banners for:

  • Harmony Festival / Fuels for the Futures at the Sonoma County Fair  

  • Harmony Festival / Major roadside banners and general event banners

  • Bauman College / Banners for their exhibit at the Harmony Festival 

  • Tribal Fest / All outdoor banners and event signage                 

  • Petaluma's Tribute to American Graffiti / All major banners and signage

Please call 707-887-1332 or email info@greenbanners.com  for more info.