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Sand Tufa /Peach Sunset (C) Don Jackson

     "Kissing Cormorants" w/ Chicks in Nest


Three Great Egret Chicks in Nest

 Great Egret Pair Breeding Plumage

         Osprey in Oak Tree

Great Blue Heron in Laguna Marsh

Great Blue Heron in Flight

White Tailed Kite Landing

Immature Bald Eagle in Flight

Great Egret Pair

Great Egret Displaying Breeding Plumage

Oaks / Water V in the Laguna B/W Infrared


Great Blue Heron and Chick in Nest

     Oaks, Water and Fence in the Laguna

                     Infrared B/W

               Oaks, Water in the Laguna

                           Infrared B/W